1-day Jungfrau Region Hiking/Sledging Pass

Hi there,

I have some visitors coming from abroad next week, and we are all staying in Interlaken for 3days.

I saw the 1-day hiking/sledging pass at 58chf and thought that it is a kinda of bargain,,? We are not interested for skiing, just sightseeing and maybe sledging.

With this you have train/gondola access to visit the whole Jungfrau area starting from Interlaken to Grindewalt till Murren and Wengen. In the meantime, you can reach Mannlichen, EigerGletcher, as well as visit the Grindewalt First etc etc.

It seems to me as a great deal for someone having only limited time to spend in the area to enable him to check the major higlights.

Has anyone previous experience with this? Does it work? Is 1 day enough to visit the major highlights?

For sure it's worth it. One day is surely not enough to visit "everything" - practically you'll have to choose between Mannlichen, EigerGletcher and First - you can maybe do 2 if you move really fast, and don't do any sledging and very little walking, but that would be a pity. Going to EigerGletcher and walking up/down in the area is probably the best option. Note there will be lots of snow up there so prepare accordingly.