8 months delay for compulsory health insurance

hey folks,

I have completed my studies in Zurich this March. During my 4 year studies I have the student health insurance (Swisscare) since I had the exemption, as a student.

Later I started a new job and still paying to Swisscare student insurance monthly till now because I thought I can only terminate it in November, as most of the other health insurances. Recently I was calling Swisscare to terminate it because it's November time. And I was informed that I should have already done it in April, not waited until November. I also asked the potential new insurer if I should and can pay the missing amount from this April to Nov (which I prefer to do!), however, the new insurer suggest me to just start from December.

Now I have concerns if this would cause some criminal records if later the authority finds out that I have invalid health insurance in those months. That is also why I prefer to pay back all of them. And in particular, I am a non-EU, and if everything goes well, in one year I can apply for early-C permit. I am also worried this period with invalid health insurance can cause some problems.

Any suggestion? I am happy to have your valuable advices.


Count yourself very lucky- if that is what the insurance suggest.

hey thanks, however I am more worried about how if this period with invalid health insurance will become an issue at some point. That's why I prefer to pay it out. Do you have any suggestion? thx

Who says your insurance was invalid? It appears you continued to pay your premiums and no one notified you that you needed to change.

Get your new insurance, that’s the important thing.

Not having insurance isn’t a crime.

You are extremely lucky that the health insurance was happy to start you in December and that you did not have any major need for the insurance for the past few months.

Count yourself lucky and move on. Get your health insurance on track now from December.... or it's going to cost you some seriously big money for nothing....

And no, there is no major consequence.... the time is past, you didn't use the insurance and you got away with it....