Advise needed, EU student B permit extension

Hello to everyone,

I did a year of Master's in a Swiss uni. My second year will be not in Switzerland, but because it's a joint program, I am still enrolled in Swiss uni and already have a confirmation of matriculation for it. I am moving out in August, my residence permit expires in October, but I want to extend it as I plan on coming back after studies.

Here comes the problem of registration and deregistration. Legally and technically speaking, I should deregister as I move out and go to a different country.

But I want and need to have that extended B permit, and I'm still gonna be a student here. Is it possible for me to stay registered in my room for 2 more months (someone else will be living here and chances are they will also want to register here), come back for a couple of days, go to officials to apply for extension and basically go deregister the same day.

Will I be issued a new permit if I'm not registered, but still am studying in Switzerland? Will they come look for me if I'm not deregistering for 2 months? What would you advise me to do?

Can't you extend your permit now already and then get a return visa, without doing the de-registering yet (since you are moving out at the end of August I assume?)? Maybe you can use a friend's address c/o until the new permit comes.

Just extend it normally. The only thing they want anyway is the immatriculation confirmation. And it is legally possible to stay away for 6 months without losing the permit, especially if you have a valid reason like a joint program between a Swiss uni and a foreign uni (not 100% sure tho)..