Airport noise and new buildings

I've been looking at the Zurich airport noise range maps, and then a thought run through my head, what if the new buildings are designed to provide quality of life despite the location?

so anyone is living in new building close to the airport, a train line, or a motorway and could share how's the life? AFAIK new buildings provide ventilation (if not full AC) so the windows could be closed all the time.

My bedroom is literally 7 meters away from the train tracks. With 50cm walls, you don't hear a thing. There is some minimal vibration when the cargo trains pass by, but you get used to it, it does not wake you up at night.

And there is no problem sitting in the balcony. You obviously hear it, but you can have a discussion normally.

Near the train tracks and the airport. Minergie flat so the noise is minimal. Outside it can be louder depending on the flight route.