ALK (RAV) Rahmenfrist - what is a procedure to extend it?

My current 'Rahmenfrist' expires soon, and I am looking for advice on how to extend it/register anew.

I worked well over 12 months during 2 years period of 'Rahmenfrist', so I know, I am eligible. What I don't know is how to re-register/extend/register. Specifically, do I have to follow registration process again filling 'Antrag auf Arbeitslosenentschädigung' and sending it to unemployment insurance fund (ALK) or is there a simplified way to do so?

According to the Weisung AVIG ALE (AVIG-Praxis ALE) (translated):

"New framework periods

B52 In the event of a change of framework period, the unemployment insurance fund must create a new dossier with the documents specified in Art. 29 para. 1 AVIV. The insured earnings and the amount of the daily allowance must be redetermined."

Hope this assists you.

do you used all your 400 days (Tagegelder) of your "Rahmenfrist"?

Very good question. Thankfully, no. 'Bezogene Tagelder' 203. Restanspruch 197.

However, they will recalculate the amounts you are entitled to, which could be better or worse than now.