Any recommendations for PC based driving simulator software?


Just purchased for the kids for Xmas a Logitech G923 driving wheel+pedals. I suspect we will right off the bat jump into various car racing games.

I wondered if there were any useful road-driving simulators which focused on traffic, navigation and road-rules. So the kids would learn something useful while having fun.

Something like the link I found by quick casual search :…ator-software/

Any first-hand experience with PC-based software that uses the wheel/pedals would be great.

I've heard that one before!

I do not have any experience myself, but this one looks modern and promising.

BeamNG Drive with the "standard" city level is great. It doesn't focus on road rules, but you can turn on AI traffic and they seem to follow the rules.

Forget learning road rules though, the kids will quickly learn what happens when you drive too fast into a turn as they wrap the car around a pole with amazing crash detail. Hold the rewind button for a few seconds, then they're good to go again.

It also has a map mode where you can select destinations and it gives you guidance.

Can highly recommend Need 4 Speed.

I never played this but it seemed highly recommended:…k_Simulator_2/

One of my teenagers loves that and has played it a lot. It seems to have quite a calming affect on him compared with many other games.