Any suggestion on Simcard - should also works in Germany/Europe


I am Prasanth, PhD student at ETH, Zurich. I am looking to buy a SIM card that has access to both Switzerland and Germany/Europe. Any possible leads are highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

There are none.


Here’s a good deal, still on for 4 hours. CH + EU + US + CA, 40chf/mo. Also comes with a second data sim card and no minimum contract duration.

What do you mean by access? I have free calls to and in Europe with Yallo, but it only gives me a Swiss number.

Thanks a lot

Pretty much any SIM card will give you access to almost anywhere. The issue is the cost of calls and data.

I’ve just seen this on the street, also quite nice

Which abo is better for you actually depends where will you settle in Switzerland. Some places have certain network blind spots, then you can’t do anything about it but change operator.

Thanks a lot

The Salt network coverage is significantly more patchy than Sunrise or Swisscom, with large gaps rather than the occasional annoyance the others have.

I’m lucky that my cheap UPC deals got grandfathered over to Sunrise and aligned with their equivalent but not lower value deal, which in each case meant I got a bit more for the same price

If I was moving though, I’d consider because they’re on Sunrise but have good rates and high customer satisfaction.

I jjust saw some early black Friday deals on alao for Salt with EU calls and data.