Anyone drive a Swiss car in a UK CAZ?

Hi all, a belated Merry Christmas or early Happy New Year!

Did anyone navigate the intricacies of any of the non-TFL emission zones recently? It seems the hope is that one will pay £9 per day for Bristol, Oxford etc. as there isn’t any possibility to pre-register as there is with London, or is it just not possible for the UK to resolve a Swiss number plate (yes, I am ex-directory)?


Oh they can find you, the Dartford crossing found me when I paid late.

Thanks, Momkey, was it EPC that found you on behalf of TFL?

Sorry, that’s 🙈 Monkey, autocorrect not working...

Don’t remember the name of the company that sent the fine. They did let me off though when I pointed out I’d paid 12 hours late.

Yes, can confirm EPC will find you. They will try to "fine" you even if your vehicle is Euro 6 compliant because their system doesn't recognise it.

You can register your Swiss reg plate (at least with London ULEZ) however, to avoid it in future. And I appealed, and got the charges back.

EPC are apparently subject to a class action suit at the moment because the way they are getting/using name and address data from foreign reg plates breaks GDPR rules.

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