Anyone know what happened with CH Novavax Approval for XBB ??


Does anyone know the basics or background of what happened with the Swiss government approving the latest Novavax protein based covid immunization for the XBB variant this last fall / winter?

I am allergic to the mRNA vaccines and have a serious health problem and so I wanted the Novavax immunization for a broader base protection going into winter with my high risk situation.

The Univ of ZH travel clinic told me in October that approval and their ability to administer this version, would be coming any week now, to hang on and I waited all through Oct, Nov, mid Dec to no avail.

Anyone know what ended up happening with all that?

Thanks for any info,


This is all I could find, from December.

from Swissmedic, here .

Does anyone know the back story of what fell apart in this authorization in CH?

I was hoping for this as an alternative to the mRNA vaccines.

My understanding is that it was fully approved in the US / UK / EU back in Sept/Oct for Winter, we were waiting for CH to govt to rubber stamp this and we have the option of just going across the border to German / EU to get it.

Anyone know why this authorization become unraveled in CH when it was approved everywhere else?

Anyone know anything about the discussion of how it matches to the latest jn variant that has taken over in the US?

I suspect Swiss Medic asked for additional information, and Novovax couldn’t be assed to do adding work for such a small market.