Anyone willing to adopt an old cat


We are moving from Switzerland to the UK and have an old British Tabby that we are looking to find a new home for. She is a very affectionate cat but a nervous one and we think that the relocation will be quite stressful for her. She is an indoor cat and apart from the balcony doesn’t go out and about.

Please DM me if interested in giving her a new home


We moved a very elderly cat from UK to CH. By car in a large dog cage, with a tray, food and water. Totally fine. This especially so for an indoor cat (drove via the Tunnel).

When we moved ours by car from London to Scotland the vet gave us a tranquiliser to make her a bit sleepy.

I'm sure it worked well

I moved to Switzerland with a 16 year old man.... he seemed to do really well during the trip and was settling in, but then he took a quick turn for the worse.

I'm still not sure "what happened", but the end result was not a happy one

Any pictures? Other information (general health, other cats, etc)?

Pictures? Health?

First, have you exhausted all possible steps to try to bring your cat to the UK? I know many people who have done so, with cats even older than yours, with no problems at all. I believe they all drove, as AFAIK pets have to travel cargo to enter the UK when flying. But the trip is a fairly easy drive, just do it in stages.

If you absolutely have exhausted all possibilities, two places you might consider advertising where the audience would tend to be looking for pets that otherwise are difficult to rehome, where your cat might have a better chance, would be:

Verein Altersheim für Tiere:

Handicap Cats:

Two other things you should do:

Write a more comprehensive dossier. This will help find those needles in a haystack, the people willing and able to take on a very senior pet. Discuss health, character, daily needs, ability/inability to live with other cats or dogs or children, history, etc. Include pictures. If you need help writing the kind of thing that tends to work well, we can offer suggestions.

Second - if you decide to go with a rehoming group, perhaps consider offering a ‘patenschaft’, where you make a financial contribution to the future care of the cat. A concern of potential adopters might be expected veterinary expenses, whatever you can do to allay those fears will help your cat.

Are you experienced at rehoming assessment and writing contracts? If not, perhaps going through a respected Tierheim might be prudent. You want to make sure that your cat ends up in responsible hands.

I often recommend TBB in Basel, as their ethos is one I admire.

But first, please ensure that you really have tried to do all you can to keep your cat with you.

All the best to your kitty.

This, so much.

Being suddenly rehomed is a huge stress for a senior kitty, especially one who is already nervous and clearly quite attached to you.

You are her whole life, plain and simple. If you disappear from it suddenly, she will have no way to understand why you left her behind (even if you do it with the best of intentions). Cats can grieve for a very long time when another cat passes or when they are given up by their humans.

Not to mention that older cats and cats with medical issues are less likely to be adopted if (god forbid) she ends up in a shelter.

Driving to the UK with your cat might be more of a hassle than flying there, but is probably a much better solution for everyone involved.

As melocollie said: all the best to your kitty.

PS: we relocated our two cats from Hong Kong to Switzerland, and though it was stressful, they adapted much faster than we had planned -- even the really nervous male was back to normal within a few days. Never regretted it.