Average salary Change Management Director


What is the average salary for a Change Management Director/Head of Change Management with +20 years of experience, a bachelor's degree, 2 master's degrees and change management certifications?

Area: Zurich/ Basel - company size medium to multinational

Languages: Italian and English (native speaker)

Thank you

The average is somewhere between the highest and the lowest.

It changes from place to place

Also depends on the industry. Typically banks pay a bit more than other organisations - at least for IT folks.

Are you average ?

120k +/-80k

How many levels from the CEO? Director titles mean different things in different industries and companies. In industry it's typically quite senior and I would say no lower than 160/180.

I generally go for the geometric mean.

"Change management" usually means "changing the management". As you'd be a tool in the hands of the actual management in firing off a bunch of people before they let you go as well, I'd ask a min. of 250k annual. You're in for a rough ride.