B permit under IV pension: which box to choose?

Hello, everyone

I am receiving an IV pension and disability occupational pension (no social benefits received)

Does anyone know which box I have to check on the box of not being employed on the form for B permit extension? I thought that is Rentner, but I have seen that this applies to old age pension (above 65)

I would be thankful if you could share your experience or knowledge.

Thank you a lot in advance.

What are the options? I don't recall ever having to fill a form or B permit renewal.

The options are:

Schuler, Student, Ausbildung ausserhalb der Schweiz

Aufenthalt in medizinischer Behandlung


In der Schweiz anerkannter Flüchtling

Ehegatte, Verbleib beim Ehegatten

Verbleib beim Eltern

Verbleib bei Anderen Familienangehörigen



auf Stellensuche seit..

Übrige nicht Erwerbstätigkeit


Isn‘t IV a social benefit? Otherwise nicht erwerbstätig.

It comes from Pillar 1. ergänzungsleistungen would be.

Does it happen you to have any practical experience on which box to choose?

I'm on IV I don't recall ever having to tick such a box but that's what I'd choose.

It's not a social benefit.