Banks - Interest rates

Perhaps it could be useful to have a thread about banks interest rates.

I start with this one, not really a bank but you can deposit your money:…rest-rates.php

I hope I understood correctly:
4,8% on USD
3,3% Eur
0,9% CHF.

Open the link as there are some constraints to get those rates.

Apparently without time restriction.

Do they have a Swiss banking licence and hence deposit insurance, are they protected for Swiss residents by a different deposit insurance or are your deposits at risk?

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Yuh has a Swiss license (Swissquote) and gives 1% on CHF.

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Assuming you will be client of IBKR UK (which is the default for Swiss residents AFAIU) it actually relies on the US entity of IB, so your deposits are protected under SIPC, for 500k USD including 250k USD for cash specifically

In general I found this tools quite helpful and somewhat complete:

One thing that’s not in the list is that UBS offers a 1.75% for 1 year fixed term deposit on new money, but they are flexible on what new money is, e.g. I was an existing client, transferred X from another bank and locked in 2.5*X at their new money rate.

If you are a C permit holder or a citizen, another “bank” to consider is your cantonal tax authorities Starting this year ZH went from 0.25% to 1% interest (both positive and negative) on tax prepayments which is fairly competitive - and some cantons even higher than that

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wiLLBe -…tagesgeldkonto
1.55% CHF
EUR and USD higher, but only relevamt if part of your expenses are in them.…ml?language=en

Though you’ve got to make up your mind quickly.

And if you convert those currencies to CHF after a year you will likely have less than you started with.