Basel-land is the worst for taxes

According to this:…or-taxes/10957

And if you’re in BL and smug because you own a home and pay very little Eigenmietwert and low values on your property for wealth tax: they’re planning on establishing market rents/prices…

Ignoring the actual values, and looking at ratios, it looks to me like they have the best income tax system: it's cheap for people with low income and progressive for rest of the folks.

I think that would be ZG: because it is cheap for everybody.

If you want to cry just look and Vaud or Neuchâtel. If you want to return to your country of origin, look at Jura.

Indeed, as a Basellander myself, and on a high income, I really feel that the taxes are not that high, and, more importantly, easily affordable. So what if I would pay less in Zug? I don’t want to live in Zug. I’m quite happy where I am. Which is one of the lowest taxed communities in BL.

I really don’t understand people who think that higher taxes = sucks. It may be high tax compared to the rest of Switzerland but compared to most countries, it’s still low.

Did you mean to also include this link from your post in the other forum?…teuersubstrats

I don’t see where either say imputed rent is going to be at market values, rather that they’re going to reassess the market values to recalculate the imputed rent.

I.e. let’s say your house and my house were worth about the same last time the imputed rents were calculated. We pay the same imputed rent. But now, my house is worth 50% more than yours. With the recalculation, my imputed rent will be 50% more than yours. That doesn’t mean it’s going to go up from 1200 a month to 5000 a month.

In fact it’s odd that you cite that article at all, as it’s all about BL recognising that tax wise it’s uncompetetive, and therefore they want to reform the tax system to make it better!

That’s the point I’m making.

See, even the canton itself acknowledges it!

Follow the link you posted and you’ll see:

Marktgerechte Schätzung der Liegenschaftswerte;


Erhebung der Nettowohnfläche und der Anzahl Zimmer als Voraussetzung zur Umsetzung der bundesgerichtlichen Vorgaben (systematische Überprüfung der EMW);

Along with the Federal direction to ensure EMW reflects market rental value.…nmietwerte.pdf

Worse than Basel Stadt?

Considerably worse!

From the same document:

Neben dem Gebot der Gleichbehandlung wird auch dem Anliegen der in Art. 108 BV verankerten Wohneigentumsförderung Gewicht beigemessen (siehe Ziffer 2.4). Dies erklärt, dass in der Praxis der EMW tiefer angesetzt wird als der Marktwert.

In addition to the requirement of equal treatment, weight is also given to the concern of promoting home ownership, which is anchored in Art. 108 of the Federal Constitution. (see para. 2.4). This explains that in practice the EMW is set lower than the market value.

Further on it says it's not supposed to be less than 60% for an individual property, and 70% on average over the Canton.

Anyway, since the aim is to make BL more attractive tax-wise, and it's possible to manipulate the tax system in many ways, after a revaluation they'll need to make adjustment in other directions to keep the overall taxes paid lower.

I still don't get why it (apparently) ires you so much. I don't let the tax tail wag the life-style dog. If you want to pay less taxes - earn less. If you want more take home - earn more.

Interesting link, thanks!

Actually Jura is now only third in the ranking for highest tax paying Canton. And have you seen where it ranks for housing costs? Taxation in isolation tells a very one sided story