Bikes damaged in car accident


I was crashed into whilst on the motorway with bikes on the back of my car. The bikes are pretty much a write off. As the bikes are a few years old the insurance company is offering to give me about half of what I paid for the bikes, but what this means is I now have to pay out to replace them - I could replace with second hand but then I won’t have the same warranty as all the bikes were bought new. Is there any way to challenge this and get enough money to replace with new bikes?

It the same with your actual car (you wouldn't get new price for that either), insurance will only pay what they think they are worth at the time of the accident, not the original price.

Assume it's the insurance of one who hit you. In which case he was under insured. Send the perpetrator a bill for the difference.

How so? If I drive a 15 year old car and someone hits me and writes it off, will their insurance give me the money for a 2024 model? Hardly.

Is that your insured company or their’s?

The general rule is that you can't "profit" from an insurance claim, you can only be restored to the position you were in before the event occurred. That said, some insurance policies do offer a new for old replacement opton, but it needs to be stated in the policy.

Under such circumstances, I'm not sure you can claim of your own policy as a third party actually caused the loss, you need to check your policy as to how to proceed.

If you are making the claim against the part who caused the damage, then I would not be very optimistic about your changes of getting more than the current value of the bikes.

If there any chance you have legal insurance and go get reliable advice and perhaps assistance with the claim?

Read again with robBob wrote. He's not suggesting the insurance will pay, he's suggesting pursuing the person who is responsible directly.

How underinsured?

That only happens with household goods, NOT in traffic accidents!


Who feck the carries bikes worth more than 5 millions on the back of the car?

You only get replaced what you have lost: Some year old bikes w/o warranty.

This year I was trying to sell a couple of old bikes after we bought e-bikes. From my experience, I would say "half of what I paid for the bikes" is a win.

Thanks for all the replies, just an update on this. I contacted my insurance company who let me know that there's a fairly standard formula for the depreciation on bikes (as there is for cars) so I wouldn't be able to challenge them much on what was offered.

I did go back and was able to get a small increase on what was originally offered.

In addition my insurance company said they could pay for the amount specified in my insurance for damage from a 3rd party (2k)

So I'm much happier now, we wont be getting the full amount to replace our bikes but we will be a lot less out of pocket than I thought we would be.

if you have the bike models, then you should be able to see what the values are. bikes seem to have gone up in price since covid (sometimes double or more), so you might have an argument for more. even with a like-for-like replacement.