Black Out - theatre

Just read about the concept of Black Out. The idea is that certain performances of a show would be promoted such that if you don’t identify as Black then you’d be encouraged not to come. Of course you can - nobody would give you hassle - , but the night is aimed at Black people.

All well and good.

Quick question. If you’re Chinese you probably identify neither as black nor white. So what 's the deal hear? Just asking as half my family are neither black nor white.

Sounds like some marketing stunt to get in the news to me. As to your question, the answer is to go wearing black-face :clown_face:


People moan about discrimination and then do something like this. If you think turning up at such an event as a white or other colour than black means you won’t get hassled, think again.

It shouldn’t matter what “colour” we are, we should all be able to enjoy such events together.


I saw something about this today, a play that has Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones in it (The Slave Play, I think?). Personally I think this is very devisive, not a good idea at all. It also made me think what if you are black and your partner isn’t or vice versa? Are you supposed to leave them at the door?


Seems to be about three deeply disturbed individuals.

And rather anti-miscegenistic - implying that all mixed race couples are about some kind of fetish. Tossers.

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Performances for white-only audiences would be 100% racism.

And black-only (or those who identify as black) isn’t racism??

A publicity stunt for flagging ticket sales more like…


Keep dreaming.

It’s Day of Absence by a different name, the ideologues pushing that go ballistic if normal people dare to ignore their totally voluntary racist event. See for instance Bret Weinstein at Evergreen.


Have tried to fix Medea’s quote, not sure I succeeded.
Well I wouldn’t go anywhere I haven’t been invited to or moreover, the organisers made sure I got the message that I am excluded from an event…
What is absurd is this - suppose someone has a +1 who is white or other ethnicity…they are not allowed to bring their partners/families with them? In which kind of world do some people want to live, I do wonder sometimes…
I would also like to know how will they put in practice this - what I consider to be a bad publicity stunt. I have the feeling they won’t kick anyone out if you do dare to go there, but of course I might be wrong. It’s just silly. I can’t take these things too seriously.

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Is this the new go-to thread for all ‘woke’ related subjects? :smiley:

How did you find them ? :slight_smile:

Definitely sounds divisive and a publicity stunt. Is it US or UK-driven?

Can’t think of a US movie involving a romantically involved couple of different races where race isn’t an issue. By contrast, recently watched an episode of the UK TV series Kingdom (from 3rd series, made in 2009) involving a mixed-race couple (white woman, black man) and race wasn’t an issue.

Try placing both quote tags on their own line. Worked for me when quoting your post containing Medea’s.

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Just wondering if it’s ok for a gay playwright who doesn’t have an interracial relationship to write about heterosexual mixed race couples?

Of course it is OK. As it is OK to laugh at them for their performative, attention-seeking bullshit. Who gives a flying fuck?

I read the right-wing trigger happy article in The Times.

The thing is, that there have been events that are targetted at minorities. And it’s all gone well. What’s happened here is that the author of a mediocre play has quite deliberately used inflammatory language to try to garner publicity.

As someone with mixed race children, I find the content of the play highly offensive in that it promotes the ideas that you mustn’t pollute racial purity, and that anyone who dates someone of a different race is a fetishist.

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More than highly offensive it’s actually really stupid and ignorant. But it made me wonder - is the play itself really highly offensive or only the way they have chosen to promote it?We might come to a different conclusion after actually seeing it and not only reading about it. Remember it is an American story and frankly I can’t claim total knowledge on interracial relations over there.