business cards

Hi folks

What are the good options here in Switzerland?

Does it make sense to order from Germany?


I really like Moo in the UK (but also with a German site). Lots of options for business cards.

Vista print are the cheapest

My idea is to put a QR code on them, but I don't know if business cards are outdated now in 2023.

Does it really make sense to use these cards in 2023 if you have a startup with a website that provides the information you want to?

Any ideas?

When I had my business in ZH I usually used Flyer Line , good range of services, great quality and service and not expensive.

They can be a very useful way to break the ice or at conventions where you don't necessarily have immediate access to websites.

A biz card allows the receiver to come back later and look properly

Well people need to be able remember the web-address first. So by all means get business cards with QR code (and if you also want to be more advanced get yourself an RFID "business" card as well, that people can scan with their phones in case you run out of your physical cards).