Buying a property / liens in German

I’m looking to put an offer in to buy an apartment. I want to check that there are no liens/debts secured on the property and (assuming I’m told there are not) make the offer subject to there not being any (ie, my offer is not valid if the estate agent/seller turns out to have lied). Does anyone know what the appropriate wording for this would be in German? My German is decent but this specific vocabulary is beyond and I want there to be no misunderstanding. Thanks very much.

You need to check the Grundbuch (Grundbuchamt. That is where you find the liens

Also check if the owner has any debts to the WEG (wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft) and check the meeting notes from the WEG to see what they have planned to do and what they haved saved so far for upcoming repairs etc.

Also, with the GEG upcoming I hope you have deep pockets if the building needs to be done for solar panels, insulation, new heating, whatever.