C-permit Kanton change with temp/casual contract

Hello all,

I did a search but to no joy so hopefully someone can help.

C-permit Kt Zurich renewing in 2025 moving now to Kt Basel-Stadt.

Working between both ZH and BS but only with casual/hourly/temporary contracts in both locations.

Will this move be ok for Kt BS to approve? Do they need anything further?

Looking presently for a permanent job in BS to fully move and not commute to ZH further but this is as yet an open search.

Thanks in advance for any kind advice on this

With a C permit you have the right to live anywhere you want to in Switzerland. Unless you’ve broken some laws it cannot be refused by a canton. You just need to apply for a new C permit with your new address on it.

Super, thank you.

Yes good to check and much appreciated