Can I apply for a job with B permit for self-employment?

I am about to request my B permit. I would like to continue my self-employment in EU, and move it to CH, probably

this time as a GmbH.

So I can request for a B permit based on self-employment.

However, I am also thinking of taking a job the first year or so, to make the transition easier (i.e. have early income).

Am I allowed to seek a job even with a B permit given out based on self-employment?

Or is there jo distinction between one B permit and the other, once you have it?

Are you EU/EFTA?

OP is, according to the profile.

I just hope he realizes the cost of living here and the savings you ideally should have to start a business.

Yes, EU.

And yes, I understand about savings, I started a EU based business before.

My main concern is; if I cannot generate enough income from my business in say, half a year, can I apply for a job under a B permit requested as self-employed?

(I could have written this in the permit forum, just thought some entrepreneurs here would have the the right knowledge or experience in this.)

No idea on the business permit but you can apply for a job searcher permit twice I think (6 months). As said, just keep in mind that living here without income costs a lot of money.

Living here with income costs a lot of money too.

At one point in time, there were two types of permits - one bound to a specific position, and one that is just general (which I think is default for EU/EFTA). With that B-permit, you can change jobs, etc - but if you want to move to another Canton, you will have to re-apply for the permit in that Canton. After 5 years you can apply for early C-permit and with C-permit, you can move to any canton, etc.

In regards to B-permit and self-employment. It is fully doable. I know several guys that I did this - moved to CH only to start a company. I myself have been self-employed 2 of out of my first 5 years on B-permit (EU/EFTA).

But ........ if you are about to start a company - maybe you will be employing people ? Not sure if CH is the best place. You will have to pay 8k+ for even a junior IT-guy.

No, EU people do not need approval to move Kantons. And there is no early C permit for EU either, just apply after 5 years. Non EU is a different story.

If you set up a GmbH and work through it, you are not self employed. You are an employee of the GmbH.

You get your B permit by going to the Gemeinde/Commune offices with your employment contract.

There is nothing to stop you applying for another job while you are an employee of your GmbH. You simply terminate your contract of employment. Or reduce your working hours to zero.

Wait, can you even open a Gmbh as a foreigner from EU even before getting a permit? I thought you needed to be resident first to have a Gmbh. Also banks ask you for a B permit to open.

Sounds like a loop, how can you have a gmbh even before applying for the B permit?

You can open a swiss company as a national of any nationality. What you might have issue with - is to get a bank account if a founder/director does not live in CH - but there are many different ways people solve this.

Now - in regards to "hiring yourself" - the same rules apply as if you were to be hired by any other company. So - if you are EU/EFTA, it's just a question of some papers, and non-EU guys have a bit harder time ..

GmbH requires that the director or if there are several directors at least one director is resident in Switzerland.

Yeah - and he will be that resident. In the period until he moves, he will get the lawyer that helps with company creation to be it (lawyers in Zug take 300-500 CHF / month to be a director for the company). There are many swiss companies that provide such service - google returns a lot.

The day he moves to Switzerland (mind, he will need a temporary rental contract _anyway_ to actually have an address), he changes the director to be himself.

If you want a lawyer to assist in creation of the AG, in Zug it can be done for like 2k CHF all together - I've done this myself a few times.