Can you split up a pillar 3a lump sum ?

Say you have 150k in a single pillar 3a 'product'. Can you split it up into 3 different ones of 50k each?

(yes I've 'asked' the bank but am still waiting for a reply.. sometimes EF is better anyway)

No. It would have been better to have done it in separate accounts for flexibility.

One way to 'split' it are the exceptions where partial withdrawal is possible e.g. using 3a to buy a house.

i have 5 accounts and each year fund the smallest one. This allows for staggered withdrawal at retirement (withdraw one account each year for 5 years).

In my canton, the first $x is taxed at 2% but excess at 6%, so some tax benefits if you keep below the threshold by having separate 3a accounts.

Thanks, hindsight is a gift. I now know what I should have done. Was just wondering if there was a solution in my current situation, short of buying a house.

Seems like the answer is no.. anyone know why ?

the other exceptions are becoming self-employed and withdrawing capital for the business and when leaving switzerland (not sure in the latter case whether you can make a partial withdrawal).

other than those, i'm not aware of any other exceptions and it is an all or nothing.

another solution would be to move "temporairly" to Schwyz when the time to empty them comes...

I took out 85k when we bought out apartment (my wife also put up 85k from her inheritance), and the remainder a few years later after I hit 60 to pay off the 8 years of taxes that they never got around to billing me for.


How about if you have multiple Portfolios at one institution. Finpension allows you to have several for example. Can you stack then?

My cash 3P and investment 3P counted as one and the same.


What if one closed it a d transferred it partially to 3 different institutions? Too easy

I remember the bank advised me to open up a few 3A accounts with them to optimize the future withdrawal.

So what if transfer my 3a to another bank ? Can I ? Can I split them up into small amounts if I do so ?

No. You can't split the accounts. You can only withdraw them fully except in the exceptions I mentioned. That's why you need to set it up properly at the outset.

I mean to 'transfer them fully'. I'm asking after 'transferring them fully' to another bank (and looks interesting), can I ask them to divide up the total into smaller amounts, i.e. lets say, I have 2 products in now, one is 150k and one is 50k. I ask the recipient bank to create 4 products of 50k each.

If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe comparis (question 4):…a/splitting-3a

Depending on the Canton, there may not be a big tax benefit to splitting the 3a because some Cantons aggregate the withdrawals over multiple tax years to spoil the benefits of phased withdrawals.

If you are married, you could also possibly organise a divorce to force a splitting of the 3a account balance. However, this tax saving tip may not appeal to everyone and anyway you'd have to check how it would work in practice.

So, a recipient can't split a fund after transfer.

But there is another option not mentioned that avoids the 'withdrawal' tax (which is what I was really asking about). You can transfer all of it to your company pension if the total amount to transfer is less then total allowable 'make up' amount. There is no tax to pay on the transfer (and no tax credit for over paying into your pension)

Of course that has pros (no immediate tax) and cons (more tax to pay if you take your now bigger pension pot as a lump sum or more tax on your now higher monthly annuity) as well but depending on your circumstances (like having a big hole in your pension due to a divorce) could be a good option.