Car battery died, other battery terminals too small

Car battery died, I have another battery which fits only the battery terminal is of smaller diameter.

At first, I was going to do something ghetto like wrap the terminal with wire and then crimp on, but then I saw that there were specific products like this:…minal-collars/

Anyone know what these are called in German?

Some years ago (1999 or so, my '98 Panda has both the same, '99 Boxster has the small one) they started making the (-) terminal smaller to keep idiots from attaching them backwards.

I just replace the negative clamp, they sell them at Migros.



They sell them at Galaxus etc.

I know them as PolAdapter.

Ran out of time, so copper wire it is for now:

That was the winning search term on Jumbo.…/6910167#modal

A reasonable 5.50 Fr.

indeed - for 26 Fr!?! Swiss prices strike again!

Ok. Maybe not only the battery as still not starting. Well, it did atart after I put the new battery in, but when I came back after lunch to try it, it exhibits the same problem as before.

Hope the copper isn't fried to the pole?

I thought you wanted the name of them in German. I didn't realise you wanted a personal shopper too!

what's the problem - accepted standard quality on all Teslas

power draw from somewhere. did you add any new components recently?

No. I measured the new battery and it was <12v which surprised me. I put it on a charger overnight and it was >13v so all working now.