Car electrician Zurich ??

Hi all,

So for the last week, I am having either a short somewhere or maybe a bad connection / battery issues --> just got a multimeter and will check out how much voltage I have in the battery, but tonight it is way to cold to do any measuring.

So main question, do you have any good experience with a car electrician, that would not charge the price of the whole car and maybe (if I'm lucky) speaks a bit of English around the Zurich area ? Ah , and that would have time in the following days and not put me on a waiting list for one/two weeks ?

PS. checked out google and some forums, there is a 30 % chance is a bad ground wire, that is somehow under the wing of the car, so that's an operation which I can not do without an elevator, and would prefer someone who knows their stuff to check it out...


99% chance a battery that bit the dust when temps dropped.


Would be awesome if this would be the case...

When temps drop, batteries die.

With all our bikes and cars,it’s a yearly thing for at least one of them.


True, but starts from the first (wanted to say key) push of a button. No warnings on the dash about battery life, it's true that compared to my previous 2007 car it has a lot more electronics on it, but am thinking I would have seen something by now (dimmed lights inside or outside, maybe heated seats would not work).

Also on this site, If I do Land Rover + discovery, I get only earlier models



Check the battery terminal themselves.

Wife had a problem, loose terminal!

Can cause intermittent problems.


What is the actual symptom, and what does not work correctly?

You could perhaps try this place, a small one-person garage in Zürich focussed on electrical/electronic issues:–1.html

At random moments, all electrical systems fail for a quick succession , more exactly :

- front lights on/off (like giving flashes) for a couple of times [in the latest sessions the time is getting bigger from 1 second of doing this to 3-4]

- dashboard goes blank[off]/ on

- infotainment systems blank[off]/ on (every light from the heating/radio goes blank an starts)

- if I have cruise control active, this will get disabled

I managed on this "wonderful" weather to measure the battery : 12 V --> before starting, 14.4 after start --> so this is good.

BUT, I did have a slightly loose negative connection, went to a friend , got some tools and tightened everything I could --> will go for a longer drive tonight.

Also there was a car service near my friends location, so I went and asked them if they could help, so the guy there did not speak EN so I tried to explain in my crappy DE --> off course he said I need to go a garage that deals "exclusively" with Land Rovers and hinted it will be costly (initial estimation would that it's an electrical fault)

Will keep you posted


To close this thread (and start another) --> the issue was from a slightly loose connection to the battery. Thank you again Tom for pointing this out.

All the best,


Glad it was so simple, but I've seen it before!

Can also cause charging problems.