Car insurance cancellation/availability question


Am quite in an interesting situation, car decided to give me a "nice" warning : “no engine restart in XX km incorrect DEF quality” and since LR do not have "quality" sensors I presume it would be the DPF and EGR valves --> but right now this is not the topic. So, short version is I only have 500 km to drive until it shuts down. Because I am literally scared of garages (and from what I see the only ones willing to accept a Land Rover is Emil Frey) --> language barrier and huge prices for man hours / since I know how much time it takes to reach these certain parts .. I am thinking of just shipping my car back to my home country and my mechanic. My insurance expires at the end of the year and because I will probably not drive this car for a while I would like to : either not pay for it / cancel it / postpone it.

Am insured by Axxa and on one of the invoices I noticed this :

If you hand back your license plates before 01.01.2024, you do not need to pay this invoice.

So question, what happens if I want to keep my numbers but don't want to pay now (already paid the annual state taxes for the car --> STVA), and would like to pay from when the car will be road worthy. In my home country, if you don't pay, legally there is no problem, but off-course you should not drive the car... which makes perfect sense.

Will try to call them tomorrow, but since it's Sunday night, I said to myself just to ask it here, if anyone has any experience regarding this.



I believe you can give your plates up temporarily. Don't know if there's a charge. TIS so probably.

Indeed, just hand in the number plates at the local Strassenverkehrsamt.

There is a small charge but usually more than covered by refunds from insurance and the Strassenverkehrsamt annual fees.

When the car is roadworthy again just go and collect the plates and the charges start again.

Awesome, thank you very much ... quick one thou ... do I keep my current licence plates numbers or will get new one ?

They will keep them for a year, after which you can pay CHF 20 or so for another year.


Some of the issues or worries you mention in your question are non issues .

Your insurance and road tax coming to expiry is irrelevant . In Switzerland you can cancel your grey card and return the plates at any time, and you will be automatically refunded the remaining road tax and insurance already paid.

What I would be concerned with the scheme is you casually "just shipping the car back to my home county". It is not something that you can hide in your pocket : there will be import paperwork necessary, sometimes paperwork for the countries of transit, and your country may consider it as an import (why shouldn't they?), and charge you customs duty and/or Vat for importing a vehicle from Switzerland.

If I would do something like this I would definitely do it with the plates ON . Drive to a neighboring country, where there are lots of places and get car repairs done cheaply, with a translator if language is a barrier.. Regardless, note that upon return to Switzerland any repairs must be declared at the border and taxed on (Vat), which sometimes makes the whole scheme too expensive.

You can return the plates at any time. You might arrange with your insurance that theft, natural damages, and vandalism are still covered during this period.

As always it depends on the canton. Some already charge you for the first year, in some you cannot extend it for another. In canton ZH the first year is free, the second costs CHF 40.…rlaengern.html

Note that if the vehicle is abroad for repair it usually must remain plated or additional customs procedure must be done in the country of repair, as otherwise the condition for a tax and duty free temporary import are no longer met.…er-kfz-5273834


Thank you for all the answers. So just pay the insurance for transport, got it.

Am asking some friends also about Italy, Germany is pretty expensive (or at least the places where I have looked at)

But realistically, does anyone declare work done for the car at the customs ? [I would say that in 99 % of the cases no, maybe if you re-paint it]

As a side note to compare prices here, called Emil Frey (which are the main garages for Land Rover in the Zurich area from what I could find while google-ing) and they charge by default 400-500 just to do a diagnose for the car and nothing more [keeping in mind that I already told them I scanned the car and can give them all the error codes]

If you can get the foreign tax back on the repairs then the Swiss tax is relatively lower.

Ah ok, I am thinking that you can also "register" it as an expense (let's say you do 4-5 k of repairs) and it can be used for taxation purposes ... then yeah .. makes sense

The VAT aspect (applicable to Germany, IIRC Germany only) has been addressed earlier, probably more than a year ago.

IIRC the parts need to be the majority of the entire cost for VAT on them to be deductible, but don't hang me up on that. Older threads hold the solution if OP wants to be certain.

Only if it is a company car used for business.