Car Subscription model experiences?

Hi all

Thinking about getting a car via a subscription model. There are quite a few subscription model companies out there. Wondering if anyone in CH can share any recent experiences?

I’m leaning towards this route if it makes sense financially to have the flexibility of changing cars in a shorter period and having an all-in option with all maintenance, winter tires, insurance, etc included.

I did not look at all your links but when I last checked, the best value was Enterprise minilease.

I did it for a period of time so that I could decide whether yes or no we needed a car.

It's all inclusive as you say but a bit annoying as for example, tyre change means getting a new car and not simply changing tires. Other than that all fine and I would do again.

I have been using Upto for nearly 3 years and very happy with their service. The team is responsive and the offer is really all-inclusive.I was skeptical before taking the subscription, but the subscription has worked rather well.

I have a garage near my house which changes and keeps thr tyres, have used the insurance multiple times without any issues, maintenance at the nearest BMW showroom and the vignette comes every December in the post

The only drawback is you cannot buy the car; so if you intend to use the same car for more than 3-4 years, it’s probably cheaper buying one or taking a lease with a buy option.

Any other specific questions?

Thank you for the insight Kri & Hyper

No specific questions, just was wondering about service experiences and potentially better deals - indeed looking for a shorter period as still undecided what car type we need for the family.

Will also look at Enterprise minilease thx Kri