CFF Rail Ticket Stopover

Hi there, I have a colleague who will fly into Geneva and overnight in Lausanne.

If he buys a R/T Geneva Airport to Lausanne is he allowed to stop in Nyon for 1 hour then continue to Lausanne on a later train with the same ticket?

Thanks for any help - I couldn’t find any info about this on the CFF website.

If he buys the 24 hr ticket hr can do that. Otherwise he needs to have finalized the journey in the time frame mentioned on the ticket (often 1 or 2 hours).

The journey involves two regional pricing areas. Unireso in GE, Mobilis in VD. As a result there are no ‘timed tickets’ GVA - Lausanne. A one-hour stop in Nyon is OK.

But the ticket doesn’t include local buses in Nyon.

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The “normal” ticket bought from a ticket machine is valid until 5AM next day.

The issue is a supersaver ticket from SBB or whatever they’re called in French. This type of ticket is linked to an specific departure time. If traveller is not on the right train, it equals to “no valid ticket”.

The entire itinerary is fixed, not just the departure time of the first train.

It might be possible to get a SS involving a connection in Nyon but given the frequency on the route that could be a challenge.

Confirmed, my friend bought a one way from Geneva Airport to Lausanne (with Lausanne City option). He stopped in Nyon for a couple of hours for a meeting and then continued to Lausanne.

He checked at the GVA ticket counter and this was perfectly OK.

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