Change: student B-permit to normal B-permit based on a 1year work contract


I am currently on a student B-permit, which has been valid since 2015 (resp. renewed yearly) and is set to expire on 01/09/2023 (I graduated this year). On 1/10/2023, I will begin a new position.

My employment contract states: "Start: 01/09/2023, End: Expected until 30/09/2024." I asked my employer why "expected" since they told me during the interview it's for sure for at least 1 year (and might be extended most likely!). Since extension is most likely, they told me they usually do it this way so it's easier to prolong.

Now, a B-permit for 5 years is only granted if the employment contract is for at least 1 year (365 days). An L-permit can be issued if the contract is between 3 months and 1 year in duration. My concern is that the migration office could argue that since the contract says "expected" ("voraussichtlich bis xxxx"), it might not be for sure for 365 days... Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but I really want to make sure to get the B-permit for 5 years.

Should I request my employer to remove the word "voraussichtlich" (expected) from the contract to ensure that I receive the B-permit for 5 years?

This is crucial because, in 2 years, I could potentially apply for a C-permit.... (only if I am not on an L-permit in between ...)

Many thanks for your feedback

Are you EU or non-EU?

Good question. I'm European

Doesn’t answer the question since some Europeans are also considered 3rd country nationals with regards to permits. If you come from one of these countries then you’ll be EU.…r_schweiz.html

I'm from Austria!

With a limited contract of around a year, it is likely you'll get an L permit (with or without "Expected", if the contrat still has an end date that is barely over a year long). The rules say L is for 365 days or less only, but some cantons also give it for longer limited stays. I've known people who got an L for an 18-month contract and got changed to B as soon as the contract was made permanent instead (after just a few months of the original contract). But you're EU, you can get seek other jobs without restriction in the meantime, so just find something else permanent within the next year and go get a B permit as soon as you have and hopefully they retroactively count your time with L as a "durable stay". Or maybe you'll be lucky and get a B despite the limited contract.

This seems a bit ambiguous to me, isn‘t L-permit given to people with a contract of up to 364 days?

(I‘m in basel stadt)

„ Verlängerung und Umwandlung der Kurzaufenthaltsbewilligung (L-Bewilligung) zur Erwerbstätigkeit für EU/EFTA-Staatsangehörige:
Die Kurzaufenthaltsbewilligung (L-Bewilligung) für erwerbstätige EU/EFTA-Staatsangehörige kann nur bis zu einer Gesamtaufenthaltsdauer von höchstens 364 Tagen verlängert werden. Die Bewilligungsdauer folgt der Dauer des Arbeitsvertrags. Die Kurzaufenthaltsbewilligung wird in eine Aufenthaltsbewilligung (B-Bewilligung) umgewandelt, wenn der Nachweis einer unbefristeten oder auf mindestens 365 Tage befristeten Anstellung erbracht wird. Hierbei müssen das vereinbarte Mindest-Arbeitspensum (Richtwert: 12 Wochenstunden) und die Einsatzdauer arbeitsvertraglich verbindlich zugesichert worden sein.“
(…ufenthalt.html )

„ Die Aufenthaltsbewilligung für Angehörige aus den EU-/EFTA-Mitgliedstaaten (PDF, 54 KB, nicht barrierefrei) hat eine Gültigkeitsdauer von fünf Jahren, wenn sie im Besitz eines mindestens zwölfmonatigen oder unbefristeten Arbeitsvertrages sind.“

I was also thinking to ask them if they could write instead of expected „mindestens“ so it‘s clear it‘s at least 12 months.