Community Heating ?

I keep hearing vague statements about 'Community Heating' but can't find any sensible explanations.. what is it.. who pays.. what does it cost.. when does it arrive etc etc

Anyone have any links ? (BL/Allschwil)

It's Fernheizung in German.

Or Fernwärme.

The main motivation is that a big water boiler for 100 houses is more efficient than 100 smaller individual boilers at each house.

There are other motivations like using a source of heat that is currently being wasted, like a trash incineration plant. Or the "environment", and thus burning wood pellets.

Major downside is a huge initial investment. Pipes have to be installed between the big boiler and every house being served. It usually makes economical sense when a municipality can borrow money at a low interest rate.

They’re currently installing it around here to utilise the byproducts from the oil refinery and to say it is a massive inconvenience would be an understatement.

The irony is that although these huge pipes are passing through our village over 90% of the inhabitants won’t be able to utilise it as most of us already have heat pumps.

We have Fernwärme in our community. The new build apartments next to us are connected to it.

It used to belong to the community, but they sold it to Primeo. The money gained is in a trust which can issue grants to help people connect, or other energy efficient measures.

Last time I checked, it would cost about the same as a new boiler. It might be cheaper now, since the connection point is even closer (the pipes go right in front of our house). The running costs would be about the same as now, but without having to worry about maintenance.

Unfortunately, as I live in a semi-detached house, the other home owner has to want to do it as well.

Thanks ... very helpful

Who pays ? Is it added to the Gemeinde tax ? Or is it the building owners ? Do the building owners have a choice to accept or reject the 'community heating' ? Any ideas around the amounts ?

If you're connected, you're connected. You'd have to pay to disconnect and install something else. As a home owner, I would pay - receiving a bill every quarter just like I normally do.