Contract Termination, Sick Leave, and RAV Calculation Query - Need Advice


Yesterday, my employer provided me with a notice of contract termination lasting one month. The reason for this termination is that the client I was assigned to no longer has a project for me. As a result, my official last day of work will be in the third week of September. However, I am currently on sick leave and anticipate being off until the end of September (the doctor has already signed me off from work until the end of September).

I began this temporary contract in the final week of August 2022, and since mid-April 2023, I have been on sick leave. Prior to taking up this contract, I was on RAV (unemployment benefits) for eight months. The previous "Rahmenfrist" period concluded in April of this year.

During the first three months of my sick leave, my salary remained normal, subject to all deductions. However, starting from July 2023, I began receiving "krankentaggeld" (sickness benefits) paid by my employer, without any deductions. Beginning this month, August 2023, the payments will be directly handled by the insurance company.

If my doctor clears me for work on October 1st and I seek assistance from RAV, I'm curious about how they will calculate my contribution. Will they consider three months from 2021 (October, November, and December), followed by the period from September 2022 to April 2023? Alternatively, will they also take into account May and June 2023, during which appropriate deductions were applied to my salary due to my sickness absence?

Also, how do they calculate partial months? for example, I joined this contract in the last week of August 2022 - is that counted as a full month or completely ignored?

As I understand it, you are either employed or you are not. For the RAV, it is not relevant whether you were ill or fit while employed. You received your salary as an employee, and that's what counts.

On the other hand, while you are at the RAV, you may not be ill. They deal only with people well enough to be seeking and taking up employment.

Thank you for your response. My inquiry specifically pertains to the months taken into account for qualifying for RAV benefits. Despite being employed, starting from July, I began receiving 'Krankentaggeld' which did not have any AHV or ALV deductions. Starting this month, the payment ('Krankentaggeld') will be directly provided by the insurance company.

I am aware that being at least 51% fit for work is a requirement for RAV to consider eligibility for benefits. However, my question pertains to the computation process (12+ months for 260 days of daily allowance, etc.).

From my understanding, RAV only considers salaries with ALV deductions, regardless of the reason for your absence due to illness. Thus, I wanted to verify this understanding.

I can't answer your specific question. RAV probably can.

Make sure to check that your employer is paying into the pension scheme which would give you an invalidity pension if you can't ever go back to work again.

The social security office will probably one day come after you for social security payments as a non-worker.

that is being handled already. Invalidity insurance folks contacted me a week ago to get some consent forms filled. Then the Sickness insurance company gave them the relevant details. Apparently, I will not have any holes in my pension pot as Krankentaggeld is exempted from these deductions - insurance fills in the gaps.