Custom sliding doors for cupboard

I have built-in cupboards across one wall which is useful, but it has normal doors opening out which then constrains the use of the room to allow space for the door to open.

I want to replace the doors with sliding doors. Anyone have recommendation for sliding mechanisms (and where to buy from) that can be used to build sliding doors?

Ha, I recently spent an unhealthy amount of time assembling a new closet (Kleiderschrank) with sliding doors. I made so many mistakes and had to retrace several steps in the assembly manual

The brand is Hettich. Quality looks decent. Can't tell they will a lifetime (not overbuilt), but surely 10-20 years. There's the option to install a shock absorber to gently close the sliding doors.

I guess you’d have to lay some kind of tracks for the doors to fit into (?). It looks like has some sliding door tracks, etc. if you do a search on there. For example:…%2C101&sr=8-35

Or maybe you could do something like this if you like the looks of it:…1&sr=8-16&th=1

Hornbach of course. Here are some bits

With young kids who will no doubt use it as a 'train', I'll be happy if it lasts 5 years!

Ahhhh, that's a heavy duty application. I guess the rolling hardware will survive, but the doors won't

There's a limited amount of holes in the hardware to fix it with screws to the door. If it's agglomerate wood, my condolences...

Probably essential with little kids with little fingers around.

On a similar subject, I think pocket doors are quite cool space-saving devices but I've almost always managed to trap my fingers opening or closing them.

Added complication is that most of these mounting options appear to be top mounted and I have a sloping ceiling in that room...

A Bürstendichtung might be useful, perhaps with extra-long “hairs”. The “catching” side can be something similar to this . With both being soft, the tiny fingers should be safe.

I’m under the impression that standing doors (as opposed to hanging) can be less heavy which may make gliding on brushes like the above an option.

as my kids are human lemmings, this would be useful - thanks!

We had pocket doors on our kitchen entrances of our previous house. I never caught my fingers but very difficult to clean the dust and pet hair from the concealed track.

If you add a sliding door later, which is what we would like to do on our current kitchen, for the models I have seen the track is only on top. A pocket door would have been ideal but too late for that.