Declaring 2024 tax because of freezing C permit?

Hello Swiss Forum, I got a bit of a tax question, regarding Zürich specifically.

Quick background - been in Zürich for 9 years now, got a C permit a few years back and have mostly been handling my taxes myself. On 1.1.2024 I froze my C permit because of year off / travel / no work / no income, until when I return in autumn. Hence I’m temporarily deregistered.

This year I got the request to do a 2023 tax return as well as the ZH PrivateTax app code, which I used to extend the deadline. However I also received the paper form for 2024, without the code for internet ZH PrivateTax tool. I missed this deadline and got the first warning / extension to fill it in.

Now that I got back from travels, I see this so I contacted the ZH Tax Hotline last week, and they said they called the tax office and because I deregistered I don’t have to fill this in. However few days later the tax office sent another warning, with extended deadline and some nice warnings, i.e. maximum fine up to 10k, etc. They sent this after the “talk with the hotline”, which I hoped solidified the fact that I don’t have to do anything.

I asked the hotline again what to do and some tax advisor in ZH although I’m waiting for the response. The number to contact ZH Steueramt doesn’t end up in anyone responding (just automated message).

Well the main questions that I have is - how the heck am I supposed to fill out the tax declaration for 2024? I don’t know my income yet or the state of my “estate” - plus I intend to continue working later in the year.

Also anyone knows if this is related to me temporarily signing out? Because it sure seems like so.

And lastly do you have reccs on who to contact?


Ehm not sure if zurich is any different, but a person submits a tax declaration form for 2023 year until 31 March 2024, so not quite understanding how you can get a form for 2024 right now…because no one knows for sure what is their income. In June then one gets a ‘provisional rechnung’ for 2024 to pay (based on previous year), but final declaration is done then until 31 march 2025.

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Well when you leave Switzerland in the middle of the year, you receive immediately a tax return to complete for the period 01.01 until the day you leave.

So if you received the 2024 form, this means you were officially resident for some days in 2024. A worst case they are asking for a tax the period 01.01.24 - 01.01.24 ?

If you look at the 2024 form received, it should state the period it covers (eg. 01.01 - x). So you have all the info to fill it, as it is in the past. For wealth tax, it would be the wealth on the last day of that period.)
[PS: Any reason why you didn’t ask to end your residency on 31.12 ?]

Just fill it in and put zero. When you re-register, they send you another form at the end of the tax year.

Thank you!

That is right, it’s Unterjährig for 1.1.2024 only. I declared my wealth part and left everything else 0.

Well I would have ended it on 31.12 if I knew, I was thinking about the date as the “beginning of freezing my permit” (as interpreted from form fields) vs “ending my current residence” so I thought 1.1.2024 would be included in the “not resident anymore” part.