Disposing of Large Quantity of Clay Plates and Bowls in Canton Bern


I have contacted my local waste elimination company regarding this but they have not replied… Any ideas on how to dispose of such items? Black bags with vignettes? Other?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated!

Is there some reason you can’t just take them to your local recycling centre? No idea about where you live but these are pretty ubiquitous across Switzerland and usually take almost anything, certainly stuff like you’re describing wouldn’t be a problem.

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Thanks for the tips… Sadly cannot take it easily to local recycling center since lacking a car and it is 30m away. Was hoping I could use black bags with vignettes or perhaps a Gratis box for someone interested :-/

People seem to put it in a box and stick gratis on it.

Put them outside with a gratis sign on them or take them to a Brocki.

There’s nothing stopping you from putting them in the regular trash bags as long as you make sure they’re safe and the bin men won’t injure themselves on them but it seems like a particularly stupid thing to do.

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Isn’t it what is called Grubengut? In my Gemeinde in ZH we have a special day when it is collected from the street. Maybe you have something similar in Bern?

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