Do you live on the Zurich Lake?

Might want to stock up on bottled water.
Just read that something nasty is buried in it.…d-233305132515

consultants rejoice!

Drink from the fountains and you will live longer.

I tried but kept sinking.

Not everything that glitters is gold on the gold and silver coast.

Saw some people swimming in it today!

Each with a bottle of wine!

Does have some claimed health benefits. And to think that it’s all at no extra charge.…diactive-water

Shoplifters will do anything to evade getting caught...

I got curious. Learned a new in German (Blei = Lead, Atomic number = 82).

Usually, environmental activists are ____ (redacted). This time, I’m positively surprised, their arguments make sense:

  1. Washing out of pollutants is possible

Quote from

And, I’m also surprised at how close to the shoreline the waste is located, between 10 and 60m. Min depth 3m, max depth ~12m.

I need a beer, this got really interesting. Up to 150mg/kg of Radium in the lake bottom soil near the shore. Commercial concentrations of uranium ore are about 0.1% and up. In this case, the soil has 0.015%, a bit more of “pollution” and it could be a profitable mine