Does anyone know or have studied at Tech?

Hi guys, lately I've been interested in doing a master's degree in early childhood education and I'm looking for an economic alternative and distance learning, I saw a university called Tech but I don't know anything about them. Maybe you have any experience studying at Tech? or other information that could be useful to me apart from what is on their website. Thx!

In Switzerland? What is the website and is it accredited as a university?

I'd never heard of it, googled it found this on their site: The wrong grammar makes me question whether it is legit. Also: A technical University offering childhood education as a subject???

From 2023 the term “university” is protected in Switzerland…s-suisses.html

Here’s a list of the accredited Swiss universities. When in doubt you can always the competent authority , though they’ve delegated most execution aspects to the first.