Does it make sense grounding a gmbh now without incomes in 2 years?

Hi guys

I am developing the product and need some expensive equipment. Does this make sense to reduce taxes from purchased equipment?

How much does a gmbh cost per year in canton ZH if you don't have any sales at all?

Thank you

It does not work like that... There are provisions for allowing you to capitalise such costs and transferring them into a company on incorporation. You should seek proper professional advice on this, which of course will cost money. So no you will not reduce the cash outflow at this point.

If as I suspect your idea is to be able to purchase equipment net of VAT and reduce your current spend, then no that will not happen. You need revenue to register for VAT, or convince them to accept your registration on the expectation of future income, but that usually required you to put up a bond, which means your cash just goes somewhere else.... It has been a while, but the minimum bond I have come across was 5k, that might give you an indication of what the figures might be.

You can register for VAT without a company. And you can do a voluntary VAT registration. This is common for situations like yours.

Of course it needs to be a legitimate business with the intention of making profits (not just some hobby where you try to reduce costs).…0circumstances .

Yet more wrong information posted by Jim with the usual deluded self-assurance. Please at least do a google before spouting your nonsense. The above link is the first hit in google.

Thanks you both for the clarifying answers.

makes perfect sense, otherwise anyone would set up a gmbh just to recover VAT.

Well, then I'll suck it up and try to survive like this. :-)

I guess you can only deduct VAT on acquisitions made after the foundation of the company, using the company's capital, or am I wrong?