Dog Hunting


Does anyone here hunt with their dog around the Zurich region? I'm just hoping to tag along with my dog for the experience.

My dog is a westhighland terrier. Though he is not the most suited for hunting game, he has hunting blood running their his veins due to his heritage. I'm hoping that i can bring him out with to experience hunting at least once in his lifetime.

Do let me know if there are organised day trips for hunting.

P.S I understand that as my dog is not trained, it's best to keep him on the leash for him to observe the hunt, rather than participate in it. As such, he will be with me on leash at all times when we tag along.

Forget the idea!

Hunting is a very restricted activity.

Ask your local SVP office. Apparently they are interested in increased border patrols.

Best if you join a club and take it from there. There would be risks accompanying a hunt as an unqualified owner and untrained dog (I’m sure he’s fab but if he doesn’t have a piece of paper saying he meets the criteria, you are in dodgy territory).

Thanks for the heads up. I guess the first step would be to get started by signing up for in a training course.

I read that as "doggy territory".

AFAIK you can only participate in hunts locally if you bring along an equally enthusiastic Scottish Terrier

what's the reasoning?

Your nick combined with “Westie” did bring to mind a certain marque which has one and a “Scottie” on it’s label ....

Seriously, what type of hunt are you thinking of in a country you don’t seem to know much about?

To what end? A dog is no human.

At any rate these guys can tell you what’s possible

you may have more success training your dog in mushroom hunting, there will still be widely varying regulations and restrictions from Kanton/Gemeinde to the next re: when and where you hunt; depending on your home location you can get a head start?

With your request for information with hunting with dogs and clay pigeon shooting, you may have more success in the UK, circa. 1930s.

thanks for pointing me in a direction. At least i can get started on getting some clarity

Jeez, talk about "what pops into your mind from a thread title"...

I thought the OP was actually wanting to hunt dogs.