Double charge for traffic tax?

Hi All,

I have recently changed cantons in October and I received an invoice from the new canton Strassenverkehrsamt for the number plates and registration but they also added the Verkhersteuer for the period November and December 2023. Now, I know that I paid the Verkehersteuer for the full year of 2023 in my previous canton which would cover the months of November and December. Isn't this double charged now? Not to mention the fact that my previous canton sent me the invoice for the Verkerhrsteuer 2024 which I suspect I will also receive from the new canton.

Is this something that will be returned to me via the Steuerklaerung or do I need to get it fixed now?



You need to pay it to the new canton, the old canton will send you the unused months already paid.

It's not double charged, each canton has their own tax and rates, and when you move, you pay they new canton and get reimbourse for the unused months by the old canton.

Ignore the new bill from the old canton.

You don't need to do anything, except wait.

None of this has anything to do with your tax decalaration.