Early pregnancy -Progesterone not covered by basic insurance?

Hi all, I just wanted to check if anyone knows if progesterone tablets, prescribed by the obgyn to maintain a high risk pregnancy before 13 weeks, is covered by basic insurance?

I have basic insurance with Swica and received the bills for the progesterone tablets. They know I am pregnant but still say medications before 13 weeks is not covered? Is this correct?


Are you sure you understood Swica correctly?

The 13 week deadline is relevant regarding co-pay obligation. Before the 13 week deadline you will need to pay the 10% co-pay up to the deductible amount you agreed to, the remainder (presuming the progesterone is generally covered, which I presume it is) is paid by the health insurance. Once you are within the 13 week deadline the co-pay obligations ceases. ( https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/de/home…tml#2132119888 , in German only, Deepl is your friend).