Emergency services

  • 112 - International emergency call
  • 117 - Police - this is especially helpful as the guy on duty will pass you on to the right place if you are really stuck fo genuine emergency help
  • 118 - Fire station
  • 140 - Break-down service
  • 143 - Crisis line
  • 144 - Emergency rescue service - suspected heart attack usw.
  • 145 - Toxin information - this is the number to call if a child eats or drinks poisons or medicines/tablets not intended for his consumption.
  • 147 - Children, youth emergency call
  • 163 - Road condition
  • 187 - All-points bulletin
  • 1414 - Rega, air rescue
  • 1415 - Air-Glacier
  • 044 261 88 66 - Parents emergency call
  • 061 284 81 11 - Tropeninstitut (Tropical Institute)
  • 044 211 22 22 - Animal rescue service

For medical issues that are not emergencies:
https://www.aerztefon.ch/ - 0800 33 66 55

For pastoral care/counseling/someone you can talk to:
Dargebotene Hand https://www.143.ch/


Good stuff!

Thanks for writing this up @OakbrookIL. Could this be pinned somewhere?

Heya, still figuring that out. For the time being I want to save what I can and we can then “clean up” later on.


That’s a good candidate for a Wiki page, can you try converting it to one?

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Right now I am just trying to make sure we capture a lot of the good data. If you can tell me how to make a wiki page or do that and copy the stuff in there?

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I’m sure you can add the thread to the wiki later. You’re right to try and get all the data while you can. There are a lot of EF threads archived in the wayback machine, but the threads archives can sometimes be incomplete.


It might be useful to add that 143 is what the Swiss call “Dargebotene Hand”. It’s a volunteer-service, AFAIK and it’s not available 24x7.
URL: Home ¦ Tel 143 Heart2Heart

Also, for medical non-emergencies, there is Ärztefon:
https://www.aerztefon.ch - 0800 33 66 55
This is 24x7.

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