employed via umbrella company in switzerland

Hi all,

I am EU citizen. I've got my Permit B for 5 years few days ago. I haven't yet started the job which got me the permit.

In the meanwhile I have received a few new offers and now considering starting a new job due to better conditions.

If I decided to decline the job which got me the permit but take on another one via a Swiss umbrella payroll company (remote work), are there any consequences i.e. permit being frozen etc - has anyone had any experience with this?

I want to avoid any issues with the authorities but also take the right job which gives me the best benefits / scope of work.

It says on your permit, if I'm not mistaken, whether your permit is tied to your current job or not.

Since the OP is an EU citizen, it's not tied.

You can hand in your notice before a job starts. Usually there's a short probationary period, possibly followed by a longer one, then the normal notice period kicks in. But you have to give notice, and it has to be registered post.

thank you - the question is: a switch of jobs a few days after the permit is granted, assuming this is allowed? also remote work is allowed (via an umbrella company)?