EU, B-permit, contractor

How variable can be the rules of granting permits depending on canton? I’m an EU citizen, on SEM (…/eu-efta_buerger…/faq.html… ) I’ve found the information that contract for at least one year is sufficient to get a B-Permit. However when I asked Migrationamt in Nidwalden they informed me, that even if I had permanent contract but as a contractor, I’d still get the L-permit.

It depends what you and they mean by contractor, or it could be they've caught on to the contrived employment contracts for contractors now.

I work for IT consultancy company and I'm "delegated" to work for their client's office. When I applied for first permit lady at Migration Office just googled them and when she saw 'IT consultancy' decided to issued L permit (I had a contract for 365 days).

Now I have a chance to change the contract for open-ended one. I have contacted Migration Office and they informed me that it does not matter, because it is still position via Stellenvermittlungsbüro .

I'm just wondering, what is the point of publishing information about permits on SEM website, if they are not obligatory to cantons.

Your situation, like that of many people, doesn't fit squarely in the boxes explicitly envisioned in the law.

And then there's federal law, but each canton has their own interpretation of the law and their own procedures. Some pride themselves in strictly adhering to the letter federal law, and some, well...really don't.

Maybe consider moving to a canton that looks a bit more favourable on Foreigners.... and I'm being serious, because if a decisions is going to go against you it is very likely to happen in Innerschweiz.

For triangular contracts with temporary employment agencies assuming you don’t have pre-existing right to work in Switzerland this also applies to most French speaking cantons as well VD VS FR JU NE.

I believe GE does not follow the same practice.

What are you basing yourself on? Completely misinterpreting NW, they are very much used to foreigners setting up AGs and GmbHs in their territory aside from the large wealthy foreigner community in Hergiswil.

Thirty plus years of living here and hear of foreigners getting bad decisions out of Innerschweiz.

Living where? In NW?