fahrzeugazsweis - Original document in vehicle?

Hi everyone.

Just the other day my motorcycle mech told me something I did not know after over 20y in CH!

DO NOT keep the original copy of your fahrzeugazsweis on your bike (I assume car as well)

His recommendation is to make a photocopy and keep that in your vehicle.

Reason: If someone steals your bike or car, with the original fahrzeugazsweis they can sell it to another person. Now I am not solid on his explanation but I thought I would open this topic to the forum to discuss it more thoroughly and come to a consensus.

So do you keep the original in your vehicle or not and why?

In my wallet so when I drive I have it with me.

For vehicles that only I use, in my wallet.

Shared vehicles, in the vehicle.


Joke's on the would-be thief. Owner cannot be changed on the document without the written approval of the bank

Bank? You mean for cars on a leasing?

Why would the bank have anything to do with my car?

Indeed, leased vehicle.

Don't need a bank to be involved, anyone can have that added.


That sounds interesting, how does it work?

Go to the DMV and ask for it to be added.


Your name is on the gray card.

Possible scenario:

Thief steals your car with gray card

You report the car stolen

Someone tries to register it, person is arrested and you get your car back.

Louis sells a little wallet style thing which holds the grey card. Fits neatly in my bike jacket. Mind you my underseat storage is barely big enough for a pack of smokes.

Of course I change jacket depending on the weather and have gone without it more than once.

I think I read somewhere here on EF that if you only keep a photocopy, the officer can fine you 5 Francs.

Yes, I remember another thread on this same topic, and there is a fine, but quite a low one compared with the potential hassle of someone stealing your car and registering it sneakily in their name before you have a chance to notify it as stolen!

I only keep a photocopy of the fzg ausweis in my car - except when I travel outside Switzerland, when I tend to take the original. In some countries, I wouldn't like to assume that the Police would accept a photocopy at all.

That logic does not work! You are expecting people to be able to tell the difference between when a person is genuinely claiming ownership of a vehicle using a copy of an original document and a thief doing the same thing or possibly with an altered copy...

If at all possible the best place to carry such documentation is on you.

I would hope that your copy would always be rejected on inspection, otherwise it would be a rather pointless exercise.

This seems to be the perfect opportunity for the criminally minded EF-ers out there: Find a car that the owner will not notice has been stolen. Ideally car should be parked on the street (for easy access). You need to steal the keys, as the plan is to sell the vehicle to an unsuspecting third party. (Registering the car in your name is pointless, as the owner can then easily recover the car). Cancel the gray card, insure the vehicle, and register under a phony name. You will need to steal some ones identity to do this. Take the car to "webuyanycar.ch" and sell it. Only accept cash, so the payment can not be traced back to you.

Great idea. There is this guy on EF selling a Ferrari 360. That must be the perfect candidate.

You could add a Code 178 to the Fahrzeugausweis. In this case the owner needs to give instructions to remove it from the Fahrzeugausweis to the cantonal authority before ownership of a car can be transferred. Costs probably vary by canton, but e.g. in Bern it costs CHF 45 to register it, and CHF 20 to have it removed.

Of course, it does not stop the criminally minded from forging a removal instruction (e.g. https://www.bger.ch/ext/eurospider/l…ment&zoom=YES& )