Family Reunification PhD (Non-EU)

Hi everyone,

I will be the main B permit holder in april and my wife will have the family reunification B. She got accepted from an industry funded PhD study. Can she do a PhD with family reunification B permit? Or when we want to renew it, will canton take back my working B permit and assign her as a main permit holder as student?

Thank you

I don’t think your permit status would be switched around. You’d still stay as the main permit holder because that’s how it started. I think she’s okay to study with her family reunification permit, after all she’s not here for work specifically. Still best to check with your cantonal migration office to be sure.

Hey, my partner and I (both non-EU) were in exactly the same situation a year ago. We didn't have to do anything for our permits - our permit types stayed the same, and at the time of the renewal (half a year after the start of his PhD), we filed the same application as the years before, i.e. me as the main B permit holder, sponsoring his permit of family reunification. All worked out in the end. No question from either the Gemeinde or the Migrationsamt.

Thanks a lot for both of your replies