FB insta down - don’t worry

Facebook and Insta are both down - post here your doggie / baby /holiday snaps :grin:


It´s the first time I noticed! :slight_smile: :smile:

At least WhatsApp isn’t included in whatever cluster**** has just happened.

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And now the servers will be overloaded with people requesting password resets!

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Let’s hope it’s not the cable cut

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Cats too?


How could I forget the kitty pics lol

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I googled ‘Facebook outage’ and stumbled upon the Daily Mail comments section.

Cadiz, Spain
Oh dear how sad never mind

Derbyshire, United Kingdom
That’s good, someone might use the downtime, to do something useful.

Far from the madding crowd, United Kingdom
Oh no, people will have to actually talk to each other!

Canterbury, United Kingdom
Oh no. Did a few people actually have to have a real conversation with another human being?

Oh the irony of those gloating whilst spending all day posting in the DM comments section :roll_eyes:


Apparently it’s up again - everyone back to wasting time elsewhere :grin:
Oh and @Tom1234 thx for your awesome cat pic again :grin:


And for @Castro https://blog.cloudflare.com/october-2021-facebook-outage

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Instagram isn’t back up.

Not mine. She’s realised the sun is setting and demanding food by aggressively purring.

Not a cat picture but a classic.

The Krazy Kangaroo pub in St. Anton

The news of FB being down made me chuckle thinking so many people must have been in utter distress yesterday… :joy:
Anyway, what a shitty platform. Zuckerberg is losing even more credibility, if that was even possible.

The worst of FB being down is that you can’t complain on FB that its down! Shameful!

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Maybe they complained on X, courtesy of Musk? :slight_smile:
Didn’t really follow this news…what Zuckerberg had to say?

Facebook should stay down.

One of my pet hates is the FB frauds like “Mediamarkt surprise packages for CHF 10”
When you click on “learn more” it is clear the website is a fraud and nothing related to Mediamarkt.

I report them to FB and always get the reply, “This complies with our community standards”. Bunch of idiots.


I’d forward your exchange to Mediamarkt.

I tried to set a page up once and got lots of fishing and fake messages. I also got what amounted to criminal reviews and I reported them as such to facebook. In the discussion with facebook support I mentioned this and they said they wouldn’t act until enough people reported it, despite acknowledging my claims. Says a lot.

But I do use facebook a lot for my interests, a laugh and pages of my travel destinations

You might not have interacted with a human.