Federal Tax Online Portal

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if there is an online system to see federal taxes paid and federal taxes owed, like most cantons such as Zurich have?

I did find an eportal for withholding tax on the website, but doesn't seem to work or just doing it wrong.

Many Thanks

Normally the cantonal tax office collects all your taxes: communal, cantonal and federal. If you file your tax return each year, you probably have summary pages somewhere in that document that convert your taxable income into the exact amounts that you owe the commune, canton and federal governments. These are then summed, before subtracting out any payments ‘on account’ that you have made throughout the year.

If you are only taxed at source, then that covers all three taxes: communal, cantonal, and federal.

As a consequence, the cantonal tax calculators account for all 3 levels of taxation.

I don't know of any. The Zurich one will only show you kantonal and commune.

But if you write to the Kantonalsteueramt and ask for an account status I am sure they will send it to you pretty quickly.


The SG portal shows both.

It's the cantons that calculate and collect the federal tax on behalf of the federal government. There is no federal tax authority which deals with individual taxation, so you'll have to go through your cantonal tax authority. When I get my tax assessment the cantonal and communal taxes are lumped together and I get a separate sheet with federal tax. However, this being Switzerland each canton might do its own thing.

I actually called the cantonal steueramt office here in Zurich because i don't see any of the federal tax information on the online portal. They gave me a number to call for the federal tax people, but no luck so far, as they only work a few hours per day it seems

Very bizarre

And that day is the fifth Thursday of the month...