Few questions about employment

Hi forum,

1, I heard that usually it's a 'bad sign' if you only have a proof of employment and no recommendation letter, so the lack of a letter is usually not a good sign, is that also the case for your current workplace? Or it's usually fine to only submit a proof of employment from your current workplace, even if it's the first job?

2, How do holiday days work for 60 employment? For e.g if Christmas this year is Monday-Tuesday, do I only need to take 1 day off to get a full week of holidays? since 60% is 3 days a week, 2 days are holidays, 2 days off because of 60%? Or it works pro-rata?

Appreciate the replies!

While it’s better to have one most employers only give very neutral letters that are meaningless. My ex-employer would only state the period of employment and nothing else.

But for some clerk checking off boxes it could hurt by not having one.

Pro rata, so you need to take 3x 0.60 days, or 1.8 days.


Thank you! I mean, that's what I heard as well, but I've been also told that this does not apply to current employers since it would be weird asking for one without signaling that you are looking for a new job. Not sure how correct that is.

@st2lemans thank you!

Whether recommendation letters matter, depends on job and how you apply.

Formal HR shortlisting process may take those letters in account.

If the CVs go directly to the line manages, he probably won't care.

For the holidays it depends how you manage your 60%.

Do you work 3 days a week and which ones?

Do you work everyday xhours?

unless you always had the same boss, you should be requesting one when you change a boss

Also someone who has been in a previous job for a very long time might not haave a letter of reccommendation unless actively requesting them