Finding a replacement tenant in Lausanne on short notice?


I'm departing Switzerland in late March 2024. Being unfamiliar with the rules about rental resiliation, I missed the notification deadline of my rental company by 2 weeks (they have 4 months notice period where I don't need to find a replacement tenant). Now, it seems I'll have to find a replacement tenant and give them a month notice in late February.

Question: how realistic is it to find a replacement tenant in Lausanne in 6 weeks starting 8th January? I have a fairly good apartment: located 3 minutes walking distance from metro, 5 minutes from Flon, 3 minutes from a large Coop. The view is also great: 7th floor view at the city and the lake. Being an older building, this single-room small studio is also priced at 1005 CHF/month, which is quite reasonable for Lausanne.

However, my concern is that at the beginning of January, the rental market might not be that active...

So, how realistic is it to do it? What are some tips/tricks to maximize the chance of success? In case I don't find anyone, what are my options?

The are sooooooo many students in Lausanne in co-location situations that are desperate for their own private apartment. The price of the place you describe sounds very reasonable so long as there are no secret caveats such as being right next to the train tracks.

I suggest you start by posting on FB marketplace and anibis, I would not be surprised if there are many applicants, even on such short notice. The limiting fctor for you might be more that the regies will have limited services over the holidays and won't be in a rush to process any paperwork.

EDIT: also, is the date correct? Jan 8 is less than 6 weeks away...

Could try this as well.…rovidehousing/

Makes sense, I didn't think of students who co-locate. In that case, even if it's not the beginning of an academic year, there may be some interested students.

8th January is when I plan to start looking I need to find someone by mid-February, so that to notify my regi of my departure scheduled for 1st April.