First pillar contributions when employed AND self employed


I am employed and pay the first pillar as usual.

I have just started a very small side line as an independent and have applied to be registered as such with the Ausgleichskasse/Caisse des allocations

If you earn under 9800 chf a year as an independent you pay a basic lump sum rate of 514 chf. I currently earn under this as an independent.

Am I correct in thinking that you can ask to pay a lower rate (namely 5.4% of whatever you actually earn as an independent as long as it is under the 9800 chf floor) IF you can prove that you have already contributed at least 514 chf that year through your salaried job?

The Ausgleichskasse know I am employed and have all the information about my contributions for my employment during this year (way in excess of 514 chf) and yet have not applied this rule and billed me the full 514chf on my very low independent earnings (meaning I am paying something along the lines of 30% contributions!!) - but at the same time sent me a copy of the rules and highlighted this rule to me!

So just wanting to ask if anyone in a similar situation and do I understand the rule correctly (before I go back to them with my bad German and ask them what is going on)

Yes, this is correct, as I understand it.

The 2.02 bulletin states that you may request that, i.e., it sounds like it's normal that they don't reduce the amount on their own.