Flash delivery statistics: younger generations want things faster!

I saw these stats from Digitec on flash delivery usage and the variation between cantons, cities and age groups.

It’s seems that the younger generations really are the “I want it now” generation:



They have a ‘not urgent’ option for delivery that I tried once. Exactly the same price as regular delivery and the three things I had ordered took two weeks for delivery, including two delivery reschedules.

I won’t do it again.


I made that mistake once too. I won’t be doing it again.

well if I don’t need something urgently I would order it from amazon.de .

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Galaxus has the same ’not urgent’ delivery but in my case, having opted for it for some gear for the office, the packages came two days later, exactly as if I’d clicked standard delivery.

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Yep, Galaxus delivers rather fast. However, the prices are obviously higher than on the other sites.

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When Digitec was an independent, they had free shipping which was a major attraction here in Switzerland.

After Migros bought them, shipping charged were introduced for orders under CHF 50.

It looks like they’ve dropped them again and all orders are shipping free-of-charge (or am I mistaken?)

It’s a bit random in my experience. Sometime a delivery fee pops up, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes there is a small order surcharge and sometimes there isn’t.
I’ve never quite managed to work out what their criteria are for these fees.