Formula One Thread

Pre Season testing has started. No surprise, Red Bull are fast. Christian Horner is still in his job, obviously hoping people will just forget about it and move on.

Racing starts next weekend.


And now, a comedic interlude. Charles Leclerc released an EP last week. Yes, that Charles Leclerc.

Music is perfect to go along 1 min Ferrari race summaries

I try to remember jokes about ghostwriting, but don’t remember any :tired_face:

This whole Christian Horner debacle. Comments please. I’m intrigued at the drama - it’s never ending Link

Nothing sticks to anyone at Redbull, like shit off a shovel!!!

By the way, quali is later today, race tomorrow.

I thought it was because F1 adapted to the weekend convention in Bahrain and KSA, where the weekend is Friday-Saturday. But, no it’s Ramadan starting on Sunday 10.03.2024 this year, the “Sunday Race” for Saudi Arabia.

Love this guy…

Let’s Go!!!

It seems to be a race for second at the moment, Verstappen is carrying on from where he left off last season and dominating the race.

That was dull. Sainz providing the little excitement there was.

F1 race weekend!

But race is at 5h00 next Sunday. It’s almost a given I won’t watch the race :laughing:

So, I’ll just dream about this: Vettel in Porsche 963 in Aragón circuit. This is a lovely track with lovely elevation changes, moto races there are exciting. Well, time to practice reading in German :slight_smile:

Finally, Max didn’t win, or Redbull even!!

i’m not sad #teamhamilton

To my surprise that was actually a pretty good race and nice to see Lando Norris get his first win.

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Indeed, fun race. Perez spent all the luck in his reservoir of this year on the 1st turn. Pleased to watch the Sainz-Piastri fight, not happy at the outcome. Races are supposed to be fun and this one delivered.

Best race in ages!!!

It was great.

They don’t show why Norris could overtake Verstappen (went straight over two kerbs in a missed turn), but nice summary. The overtakes were awesome.

This week, we need plenty of Rosé for Le Mans :slight_smile:

This was a superb race but the Austrian GP wasn’t bad either. Max and Lando were again in the headlines after the race but not as winners.

George Russell edged out Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton and McLaren’s Lando Norris to secure pole position for Sunday’s British GP as the race’s three home drivers waged an intense fight to head the grid amid on-off rain at Silverstone.